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Quick School Software can be used in different ways for example, it can either be hosted and accessed online or offline. 
The offline mode suits the School operation activities in rural schools where internet access is limited. While designing this Quick School management software, we put into consideration ensuring service for all. This is because we need to reach to every other Ugandan school.

This software captures student information, marks and retrieves it in addition to storage and also produces secure reports thus eliminating student forgeries. 

More so, the software is able to generate results in the quickest possible time.

Quick School Software has been categorized under different packages because we want to ensure every school gets service. 

The packages suit different schools according to their respective capabilities.

Quick School

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Advantages of Quick School Management Software

Both the school and the students (and their parents) will have personalized access to the platform.

The admin of the educational institution can use the school database management system to manage students, exams, fee collection, human resources, and more.