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Quick school is  a platform designed to enable the efficient running of your institution through digitization and automation of various academic and administrative operations.


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Quick School

Quick School Management System

Staff Management

Staff management module with variety of options including Staff registration, Attendance, staff load and duties.

Quick School System

User Management

They can keep track of other staff's attendance, leaves, performance, and salary calculation without a hassle. Therefore, they can focus more on ensuring teachers' welfare, improving all staff performance, and developing better hiring decisions.


Quick school offers its user options that can be used to manage the basic daily works of the school management. Termly setup, Exams registration, promotion activation and deactivation, student subject enrollment.

Other awesome modules in Quick School Software

It comes with variety of features that will fit different school setups.

Quick School Software
Easy to learn and use

You may be technologically challenged it would not be difficult for you to learn about various features of the software and then use them effectively. This feature makes it a perfect addition for educational institutions of all levels

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